Beauty routine corpo: cosa è?

Body beauty routine: what is it?

More and more people have understood the importance of taking care of the entire body, day after day, starting from the outermost layer that protects it: the skin.

This is why we talk more and more often about Beauty Routine.

If we take care of our body through the use of suitable cosmetics and good habits we will not only have healthy, soft and smooth skin but we will also feel better physically and mentally.

When we talk about "beauty routine" we are referring to all those good habits that concern the health and beauty of our body. Normally the term beauty routine is associated with the beauty of the face but it is clear that the rest of the body should not be neglected either.

 The beauty body routine is the set of good habits with which we take care of the skin of our entire body starting from the neck down.

To carry it out you don't need hundreds of products but a very precise idea of ​​what our specific needs are. 

Just like the face, the rest of the body also needs a daily caress based on natural and bioavailable ingredients that help us keep it healthy, soft and smooth.

3 steps for a body beauty routine

  • detersion
  • exfoliation
  • hydration and nourishment

 Step n. 1: Cleansing

Cleansing concerns all those moments in which we wash ourselves with a quick and regenerating shower or with a nice warm or long and relaxing bath. The important thing is to use a cleanser that does not alter the pH of the skin so as not to create consequences on our hydrolipidic film

Should we use hot or cold water?

The warm bath or the hot shower are ideal opportunities to throw away the accumulated toxins, relax the muscles, purify the skin, relieve headaches, reduce nasal congestion and help you sleep.

Be careful though because washing with too hot water and too aggressive foaming detergents dehydrates and dries out the skin, making it too vulnerable. 

The cold shower, on the other hand, is perfect for regenerating the body but is also ideal for stimulating the metabolism, reducing the sense of tiredness and toning the skin.

Be careful when using cold water on sensitive skin, a happy medium is always needed. 

Step n. 2: exfoliation

Exfoliation is a very important phase for the body beauty routine because it helps us eliminate the famous "dead cells" and stimulate cell turnover. You should never overdo exfoliants and scrubs so once a week is more than enough.

Learn to listen to your skin and your needs, each of us is different.

If you have very delicate skin that is prone to irritation you can also treat yourself to less exfoliation. In particular, if you also find yourself with dry and chapped legs, avoid using mechanical scrubs but prefer chemical peels based on mandelic acid which are delicate on the skin but effective like our EXFOLIATING BODY GEL

Dry the skin by gently patting it and immediately move on to the next phase: nourishment and hydration. 

Step n. 3: nourishment and hydration

For this step you can really indulge yourself on the products to use. The important thing is to never skip it because otherwise the skin starts to look dry and dehydrated especially during seasonal changes

Without a doubt, the best cosmetic you can use to thoroughly nourish your entire body, leaving it smooth and fragrant, is the SOFT BODY BUTTER, also perfect for do-it-yourself massages that regenerate you thoroughly. 

If your skin needs to be toned and regenerated, REGENARATING BODY CREAM is for you. Based on natural extracts of lemon and mint and glycolic acid, they give a boost of energy to the skin, making it soft and compact.

Suitable for the most sensitive skin and to relieve redness, POMEGRANATE HYDRATING BODY CREAM thanks to the presence of panthenol, vitamin E, shea butter leaves skin hydrated and velvety  

In short, you are spoiled for choice.

Always remember that each of us has a different skin that you must learn to listen to 

Having said that, GOOD BODY SKIN CARE 

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