Your beauty starts from you

In life anything can happen.

In an instant everything becomes different and the only way to keep moving forward is to not be afraid to change course when you don't like the direction you're going.

Determination is everything.

What allowed me to open a new business in such a difficult moment can be summed up in three words: determination, awareness and positivity.

Determination is everything.
Believing strongly in a project while maintaining a positive attitude is the key to making it happen.

I am convinced that beauty is a mix of care, attitude and expression, it is not just an aesthetic factor, it means having respect for your body, maintaining a positive attitude, having a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle.

Skincare comes after all this.

I consider body care a way to pamper yourself, to dedicate time to yourself and disconnect from anxieties, stress and frenzy, in short, give yourself a regenerating break.

Taking care of yourself means loving yourself and when a person is well mentally and feels good physically the magic of beauty is triggered. There it is, you already feel more beautiful right?

Giovi, before being a line of body creams, wants to be a lifestyle, it wants to be an approach to beauty and a concept of self-care.