Absolutely yes! There is no single skin type, but different types; in fact, there are those who have oily, dry or combination skin, or even sensitive and reactive skin. This is why body creams must be carefully chosen depending on the type of skin we have based on our needs

A valid tip for all skin types, however, is to do a body scrub at least once a week . The scrub will help eliminate dead cells, making the skin immediately softer and smoother, ready to benefit from the treatments that will be applied afterwards .

Basically in a body cream we will find the presence of water as the main component which is partly absorbed by the body and the rest evaporates. What remains is a "film" or rather a film of components that allow

  1. create a protective layer that keeps the water inside
  2. help protect the skin from the sun and UV rays, smog, sweat, and to keep it smooth and silky.

Obviously to do this the cream needs to have high quality ingredients inside.

  • For those with dry skin

Those with dry skin that tends to chap certainly need a nourishing and hydrating body cream, which helps maintain an optimal and constant state of hydration.

The perfect cream for this purpose is our SOFT BODY BUTTER, a rich formulation that nourishes the skin thanks to ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil and cocoa butter.

These ingredients are excellent for preventing dryness and chapping,  better to apply them after the shower when the skin is still slightly damp and warm, to facilitate absorption.

  • For those with combination or oily skin

Combination and oily body skin may have small imperfections due to excess sebum. Often impurities are also responsible for blackheads and acne. However, in some specific areas it can be drier, such as in the legs.

The ideal body cream for those with combination, impure and atonic skin is a light and very hydrating product, which does not weigh you down like our REGENARATING BODY CREAM with natural lemon and mint extracts, with a percentage of glycolic acid.

  • For those with sensitive skin

Greater attention is a must for those who have to choose a cream suitable for sensitive skin. In this particular case the skin tends to become irritated and red very easily.

Sensitive skin, in addition to needing a lot of hydration, will need a softening and emollient product such as our POMEGRANATE HYDRATING BODY EMULSION with pomegranate extract, panthenol, vitamin E and enriched with Shea butter and sweet almond oil.

Our creams are a real treat for your skin to be used daily with a light massage. You will see your skin change, become more hydrated and soft to the touch.



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