Why do we need to apply body cream?

The body moisturizing creamsare precious allies of the health and beauty of the skin. Constantly applying a moisturizing and nourishing cream helps to keep the skin elastic, slowing down skin aging.

It acts on the most superficial layer in two ways: on the one hand it contributes to maintaining the correct hydration of the skin by acting like a film, preventing excessive evaporation of water, on the other it restores the lipid substances which make the skin soft and protected.

Not to mention the anti-stress effect of a massage: applying body cream, in fact, is a gesture that also has benefits on mood to re-establish the right balance between body and mind.


The great rulers of the past regularly anointed their bodies with moisturizing oils and ointments to keep their skin healthy and glowing.

It is possible to take inspiration from this ancient tradition, reinterpreting it in a modern key, to enjoy a moment of deep relaxation at the end of the day.

If today it is almost impossible to indulge in long baths in milk or oil massages on a daily basis, an excellent, comfortable and effective alternative could be the use of a body cream.

here are 5 reasons to pamper the skin of your body with a moisturizer

1) Keep your skin hydrated, especially after a shower!

Have you ever gotten out of the shower and felt your skin tighten? This is a clear manifestation that your skin is dehydrated and, over time, it may become dry and cracked. The constant use of a body cream prevents the sensation of dryness by hydrating it deeply and re-establishing the hydrolipidic film necessary to keep the skin tissue healthy.

2) Take advantage of an invigorating massage

Long hours spent sitting at a desk can cause swelling and loss of tone.

The application of a good body cream, especially early in the morning and in the evening, can help to counter the blemishes due to a sedentary lifestyle thanks to the reactivation of the microcirculation.

The massage we carry out when we apply the body cream can be carried out with circular movements from top to bottom to immediately give a feeling of well-being.

3) Make your skin elastic with daily use

As we age, the skin tends to lose elasticity and age.

Thebody creamis not just a pampering, but a true ally to keep the skin young and soft, as frequent use makes it elastic and slows down skin aging.

Everyone should remember to take care of their skin, making sure to provide it with the right level of hydration throughout the body.

body creamsare very important both in winter and summer, as they allow you to protect and regenerate the skin from shocks that can be caused by aggressive agents external, such as cold and wind, but also sun and temperature changes in general. Furthermore, the application of body cream helps to promote the natural process of cell regeneration.

4) Indispensable if you play sports

The skin, during physical effort, is subjected to stress. Sweat contains many mineral salts which, during sweating, are lost and, consequently, the skin becomes more sensitive. Furthermore, sweat also contains waste elements from our body which, if not removed, can cause irritation.

After training, you can opt for a singlemultifunctional productthat doesn't take up too much space in your sports bag, but which performs all the functions required by a post-workout treatment: nourishing, elasticising and hydrating

In this case, HYDRATING BODY EMULSION and REGENARATING BODY CREAM are ideal as they lend themselves perfectly to treating the skin of the body. Thanks to their formulation based on vegetable oils and butters perfectly assimilable by the epidermis.

This formulation of oils, together with vitamin E, allows the skin to elasticize while remaining toned and firm. That is, enhancing the beneficial effects of sport.

5) Take advantage of the benefits of aromatherapy and recreate a spa in your home

One of the benefits is certainly aromatherapy. The use of a scented body cream has an immediate beneficial effect on mood. It releases physical tension and makes the mind clearer and clearer.

Let yourself be pampered by our moisturizing creams with enveloping and unique fragrances 






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