Christmas holidays also means more time to dedicate to yourself. Cozy atmospheres, immersed in a mountain of moisturizing creams, is the ideal moment for winter pampering to the skin of your body. 

Let's start with some suggestions

In the colder season, the body's skin is often neglected in the beauty routine: iIn reality, it is precisely at this moment that the body needs extra attention.

Land low temperatures and the constant rubbing of clothes cause dry skin that must be eliminated. 

Between dryness and chapping, the cold and the wind are the two main "torments" of winter and for the skin of the body, clothes also add.

Tendively the most affected areas, apart from the face, are obviously hands, knees, elbows and legs. In these areasthe skin becomes rough and tense, especially after a shower, and "tight". 

It may also have some cracks on the surface complete with redness - in cases of greater irritation - and an itching sensation 


Let's see how to proceed with our winter skincare 

1. Shower with mild cleanser

Nothing better than a hot shower to warm your body and soul, but be careful! Too often we don't give importance to cleansing which instead plays a fundamental role in keeping the skin healthy without attacking it.

Water that is too hot can damage the skin's protective barrier. So, try to regulate the water temperature and enjoy a steamy shower with the delicacy of our GENTLE BODY WASH

2. Exfoliation:

Don't forget to exfoliate your body skin once a week, essential to eliminate the greyness of the season.

There are products that have a mechanical smoothing action, as well as enzymes and natural extracts that stimulate protease, the process that loosens epidermal cell bonds so as to eliminate dead surface cells and make the skin brighter, and chemical peels that use acids. 

This will help remove dead cells and promote cell renewal.

But remember, don't overdo it with force, and above all always listen to your skin and don't overdo it with exfoliation 

3. Hydration

The key word is "hydration"

During winter, our skin tends to dry out more easily, so it's essential to use a moisturizer suited to your skin type . Choose a cream that is rich but not sticky, so as to pamper your skin 

Rich and nourishing formulas thatrebalance the loss of transcutaneous water, and revitalize the skin from paleness through the application massage, which stimulates the microcirculation.

Try a Giovi treatment: 

precious lines, rich in nutrients, which are good for the skin but also for the mind. Skincare is an art that requires time and dedication, but it's always worth it!



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