Tired, swollen and heavy legs at the end of the day?

80% of the population suffers from it. All this is due to minimal circulatory dysfunctions which can simply be caused by sitting for many hours or, on the contrary, standing for too long. 

On the one hand there may be an insufficiency in the venous and lymphatic return of the circulation, which causes a dilation of the veins due to blood stagnation and which does not allow the body to eliminate the waste substances contained in the lymph.

This then generates an accumulation of liquids, which is usually concentrated in the lower limbs due to the force of gravity, therefore legs, knees and ankles and is called edema. 

How to prevent and combat the feeling of heavy legs?

If we do not take care of this circulatory factor, in the long run it will also affect the health of our skin which will no longer be able to cope with the blemishes that arise and will lose its healthy and luminous appearance.

This is why it is important to maintain the balance of the skin from inside and outside

Let's see some simple tricks, easy to put into practice to take care of it at 360º and in this case to eliminate the feeling of tired and heavy legs, swelling and water retention:

Healthy and balanced diet: reducing the intake of salt and complex carbohydrates will improve the balance of glucose in the blood, reduce stress on the liver and improve the nutritional supply to our skin. 

Physical activity: half an hour of physical activity, even at low intensity such as walking, will lower the levels of cortisol, known as the stress hormone and will help you improve microcirculation, promoting venous return and lymphatic

Rest: sleeping between 7-8 hours a day is essential for the skin, in fact during the night the skin cells regenerate.

Appropriate cosmetics: cosmetics based on plant extracts are able to provide all the nutrients, trace elements, vitamins and antioxidants that the skin needs to rebalance itself. 

If you can take care of nutrition, physical activity and rest, we'll take care of natural cosmetics!

Our Remodeling Line contains ingredients that work on the drainage of skin fluids and on improving local circulation, such as:

Butcher's broom extract: decreases vascular permeability, stimulates microcirculation

Escin: extracted from horse chestnut, regulates the elimination of liquids

Red vine extract: improves local circulation

Caffeine: draining, helps to eliminate liquids that stagnate in the skin tissues

Ivy extract: contains ederin, protects blood vessels and reduces vascular permeability

Sea Salt: the osmotic action helps eliminate excess liquids improving the microcirculation





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