Summer is synonymous with holiday: sun, sand and sea are the order of the day

However, when you go out into the sun it is important to protect your skin, even if you have a dark complexion or don't intend to expose yourself for long.

Sunscreen is essential

 because the effects of sun rays on the skin can be very harmful in the short term, but above all in the long term, even after many years. 

The protective function of sun cosmetics aims to eliminate the damage of sun exposure while allowing melanogenesis at the same time.

There are three types of sunscreens:

Physical or Mineral Sunscreens

they work like mirrors by reflecting radiation, such as zinc and micronized titanium dioxide. They are made up of small opaque mineral particles, which prevent light from reaching the epidermis and overheating it.

They are substances that are less harmful to health, having less allergenic power

The Chemical Filters

they modify the wavelength, in fact they absorb the energy of solar radiation and emit it in other forms. 

These molecules, once absorbed, break down the sun's radiation, retain the energy and then release it in the form of heat and/or fluorescence. This, in fact, increases the warm sensation felt on the skin. Simply put, chemical filters absorb some of the sun's radiation and release the energy as heat.

Natural Filters

There are also natural UVA and UVB sun filters that reinforce the action of the filters already mentioned whose specific action is not yet well clarified, however it is worth remembering:

  • Flavonoids: including beta-carotene, apigenin contained in chamomile oil, hypericin contained in St. John's wort oil, calendulin contained in calendula oil.
  • Anthraquinone substances: present in the juice of aloe, buckthorn and cascara.
  • Unsaponifiable: high percentage content in soybean oil, olive oil and shea butter
  • Vegetable oils: including jojoba oil, sesame oil

Our sunscreens contain physical filters with SPF 30 or 50+ . in addition to zinc and titanium dioxide they also contain jojoba and avocado oil and chamomile and aloe extract.

Please remember, sunbathing can be nice but let's learn to always protect ourselves!!!

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