But why is cleansing so important?

Let's start from the base, in every sense, let's talk about the importance of cleansing, a gesture that often falls into oblivion, but which instead, in addition to being essential for the health of our skin and, for its beauty, it is also pleasant not to neglect.

In order to carry out its functions it is important that the skin is cleansed, hydrated and protected from external agents.

With the term cleansing at a cosmetological level we mean that aesthetic act aimed at removing exogenous dirt from the face or body, i.e. that which comes from the outside and the endogenous dirt characterized by tissue debris.

A good cleansing is one that does not damage the hydrolipidic film and respects the natural hydration factor.

In the epidermis we find the hydrolipidic film, that is, the “barrier” formed by a water component and a lipid component. In addition to protecting us from the outside, the hydrolipidic film has the function of controlling the physiological loss of transepidermal water (the TEWL or Trans Epidermal Water Loss) whichconsists in the diffusion and evaporation of water through the outer layers of the skin.

The TEWL is greater when the hydrolipidic film is in some way unbalanced: therefore when the water component or the lipid component is missing. Obviously, any type of imbalance in the hydrolipidic film reflects on the health of our skin .

Another good reason is that the skin is one of the tissues responsible for eliminating toxins.

Toxins produce waste substances that settle on the skin and increase free radicals, the result is dull and rough skin.

Therefore it is extremely important to eliminate the residues of these substances from our skin at the end of the day.

Furthermore, our skin has a resident bacterial flora that plays the role of helping our immune defenses.

Correct cleansing must not take away everything without distinction because it would ruin our hydrolipidic film

So how do you maintain this balance?

The answer is always the same correct and daily cleansing.

So in the morning, to start the day on the right foot and in the evening, to relax after a long day, take a few minutes fora gesture that will ensure your skin is always beautiful and radiant.

The important thing is to not choose cleansers that are too aggressive and do not respect the skin's pH and fats which would lead to the skin becoming dry and dull.

It's a shame that by forgetting body care , starting from the cleansing and hydrating steps, the skin on the legs, feet, arms and torso is starting to become dry and rough.

In short, it's time to reverse the trend and start dedicating some more care to the skin of the body, especially during the cold season, when heavy clothing, perhaps made of synthetic materials, risks altering its physiological balance.

 It starts with the choice of the best body cleansers: precisely because bath and shower are very frequent, these products must be quality, delicate and respectful of the skin.

 The skin requires cleansing products rich in hydrating ingredients, such as those contained in our SHOWER BATH and RESTORATIVE SHAMPOO :

aloe vera gel, extra virgin olive oil, hops, grapes, barley malt, myrtle, honey, lemon, delicate detergents of natural origin. AIAB certified 

The objective, in fact, is to preserve the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

Last but not least, remember that the pH of body cleansers must respect the skin's pH and therefore fluctuate around values ​​of 5.6. Otherwise, the risk is putting aggressive and irritating products in your home (and on your skin).

Good cleansing!


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