Cellulite is both an aesthetic but also a functional disorder in which various conditions are established with inflammatory processes, which affect the microcirculation, lymphatic system and extracellular matrix. 

It is more correctly called

edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy,

We see in detail these words:

Panniculopathy -> the adipose panniculus is in pain, inflamed, not properly supplied with blood and detoxified by the venous and lymphatic micro-circulation.

Edemato -> is associated with stagnation of liquids and toxins.

Fibro-sclerotic -> the condition causes the hardening of collagen fibres.

Cellulite is a blemish common to many women (around 85% suffer from it) and is visually characterized by the orange peel appearance or dimpled skin, especially in the buttocks and thighs area.
It is considered a disorder of the endocrine-metabolic microcirculation that causes alterations of the interstitial matrix and structural changes in the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

The first step in treating cellulite is understanding its cause. We are not all the same and each of us has a different physiology.

In most cases, excluding pathologies, the formation of cellulite occurs due to a dysfunction of the microcirculatory system of venous and lymphatic return which can be caused by multiple factors.

 From posture, stress, nutrition, poor hydration, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, taking medications, excessive weight gain

Only by starting from an in-depth analysis of all these factors will you be able to start to fight this blemish correctly and effectively. Your path must be personalized according to your needs. 
For example: if a woman carries out constant physical activity with a balanced diet but always walks in high heels which modify  her posture and reduce venous return, it is not certain that her cellulite, despite her efforts, may undergo changes. Maybe it would be enough to change your shoes!!
Or: it is useless to go running every day when the cause is strong water retention, because you would make the situation worse.

You need to start from a personalized medical history to create your own path

Once you have identified the cause, you must set a realistic and sustainable goal, and be determined and disciplined in achieving it.
For example, if a woman has very noticeable coulotte de cheval, surely her goal cannot be to eliminate them in a month. Initially you can focus on a reduction by working on the cause and then continue with constant and prolonged work over time..... the results will arrive 

Whatever the cause, make sure that this blemish does not become chronic and schlerotis because at that point more serious problems can arise at a microcirculatory level. Furthermore, the affected part can become very painful to the touch, so let's listen to our body and keep it under control.

You may ask yourself... then why do I have to buy creams?

The creams work on the skin appearance of cellulite, making the skin visibly smoother and more uniform. If you see yourself better you are also more prepared to move forward on your path. 
The active ingredients perform an action on the skin which is scientifically proven to have a draining, lipolytic and vasoprotective function, but forget about eliminating the cause of cellulite using creams. 
We must act on multiple fronts.
Having said that, the first advice is to be guided by a professional and subsequently  if you want to purchase cosmetic products, carefully check the active ingredients present. 
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