Taking care of your body should be a natural thing,

but then why don't we always do it?

 Let's try to find some motivation

  1. We have no idea how to take care of our body through nutrition

Decades of poor nutrition and misinformation have made many people forget what it means to eat healthy.

  1. Every day we receive a distorted image of the human body.

On the one hand, we are bombarded by unattainable ideals of beauty, on the other, obesity is so widespread that it is now considered almost normal. We need to “reset” our image of what a HEALTHY person should look like.

  1. Exercising has become increasingly rare.

Physical activity and movement in general have always been part of people's daily lives. Now all the conveniences available to us have drastically reduced our physical exercise, even though our well-being heavily depends on it.

  1. We have slipped into an unsustainable lifestyle.

Every day we have to face a thousand commitments, we are overwhelmed with things to do, we have to divide ourselves between career and family, cope with the economic difficulties of this period, we are unable to give up all the activities that are offered to us.

The easiest thing to give up is physical exercise, because movement is considered the least important thing, superfluous. The movement is ultimately unnecessary. We eat a sandwich on the fly and reduce the hours of sleep in order to respect all the commitments made. But in this way we will end up eliminating from our lives everything that kept us fit and kept us healthy.

  1. We have become pathologically altruistic

Every day we do things for others, and I'm not saying it's not the right thing and it certainly must be part of our lives. In an effort to always help others, you must learn not to ignore your own basic needs. You too need attention, your body needs to be looked after and you need to take care of it. Take your time, do the things you like. If you can't maintain balance, sooner or later something will break and your body will suffer

  1. We have forgotten how much we are worth 

Our body must be respected, we must learn to dedicate the right time and attention to the body. It's not just for an aesthetic question, but dedicating time to ourselves will make us feel better.... And when a person feels good they are even more beautiful  

 Do you find yourself in these points? 


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