Primavera di fiori con Giovi!

Spring of flowers with Giovi!

The scent of spring is already in the air, and it is time for changes: just as nature flourishes, we women also feel the need to renew ourselves, to rediscover our beauty.

We begin to discover ourselves, remove the short-sleeved shirts and shorts from the wardrobe and find ourselves dealing with too often neglected body skin, which has never seen a scrub or a moisturizing cream all winter. We have to  take action and resort to revitalizing and nourishing treatments

Let's see how to do it in two simple steps:

  • First step: EXFOLIATION. 

Exfoliation is a mechanical process with which, through the use of specific products and a circular massage, dead skin cells are removed, reactivating circulation and allowing skin renewal. This step is essential to prepare the skin and make it more toned, smooth and luminous.

Exfoliation is a process that should be done consistently: exfoliating the skin regularly, especially in this season, helps to free it from toxins and obtain a more uniform and long-lasting tan. 

Be careful, however, not to exaggerate with the frequency, once a week or once every two will be fine, possibly with slightly damp skin avoiding the more delicate areas such as the breasts.

  • Second step: HYDRATION. 

After exfoliation, always apply a moisturizing cream: it will help restore the natural hydro-lipid film of the skin, protecting it from environmental stress.

Choose a product suited to your needs, with active ingredients selected for your skin type: 

  • if you have normal skin, you can choose a cream with a refreshing action, which will help you maintain a relaxed appearance 
  • if you have   dry skin, choose a nourishing and regenerating cream 
  • if you have   skin  sensitive and delicate, choose a soothing and hydrating product

And please, the application of cosmetics alone does not work miracles, try to always follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle, 

Choose a healthy diet to help skin regenerate from the inside, strengthening the natural protective barrier created by the epidermis with the consumption of foods rich in beta-carotene such as carrots, tomatoes, spinach, melon and cereals. The supply of water to the body is fundamental: don't forget to drink 1.5 or 2 liters of water a day to fight free radicals and rid the body of toxins. 

For the rest, Giovi takes care of it!

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