Sensitive skin is a particularly widespread and often underestimated condition. It is fragile skin and predisposed to being attacked by irritants or environmental aggressions as it has an alteration of the stratum corneum which makes it vulnerable. 

In normal skin, the hydrolipidic skin barrier has a stratum corneum rich in lipids and corneocytes that prevent excessive loss of water and block the entry of batteries and harmful substances into the epidermis.

In sensitive skin this barrier is damaged and inflammation, irritation, dehydration and dryness may occur.

What are the symptoms?

- skin tingling or burning sensation

- skin not very elastic

- tendency to skin flaking

- dry and cracked skin 

Sensitive skin is more prone to skin diseases or disorders, such as atopic dermatitis, erythema and cuperose


For this reason, the first action to take to safeguard the health of skin sensitive concerns proper restoration physiological of the skin barrier.

First of all we need to think about cleansing, it is very important to avoid using products that could in some way lead to irritate further the skin.

For example, common detergents and foaming soaps act as "solvents" on the skin, not only do they remove dirt but also the skin's hydrolipidic film, thus weakening the skin's natural defenses and exposing it more easily to irritation and allergies.

Our GENTLE BODY WASH, dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, acts delicately on the skin thanks to the presence of selected surfactants of plant origin and hydrating substances. 

After cleansing, it is recommended to always apply an emollient and soothing cream such as our BODY EMULSION FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. rich in lipids and ceramides, it rebalances the natural protective barrier and gives relief to the skin. 

This line performs a defensive and conservative function for the skin that has been lost due to skin sensitization and allows the skin's hydrolipidic film to regain its balance.




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