"Textures that slip through the fingers like caresses"

Finding the right texture for a body cosmetic is essential to increase its sensorial effect, facilitate its application and give a delicate and pleasant sensation on the body. 

It is no coincidence that massaging certain cosmetics gives us a general sense of well-being. The credit goes to some ingredients that manage to stimulate positive thoughts. 

For a body cream even more than for the face, the application of the product must be seductive, it must have a velvety touch, a "skin feel" that creates a sort of addiction to make you want to put it back on the next day.

The simple gesture of applying a cosmetic can reduce a state of stress because it stimulates the neurotransmitters located on the skin that produce endorphins and generate good mood

Another fundamental element in the formulation of a body cosmetic is the fragrance.

The scent of a product can convey joy and serenity, it can have an energizing or relaxing effect for a positive experience and a moment of personal gratification. The permanence of the perfume on the skin must not be intrusive but must identify the product and envelop the person 

When taking a product into your hands, the sequence is usually the same.

  • we watch it 
  • we smell it to understand what emotion it gives us
  • we take it in our hands to feel its softness
  • we apply it on the body to understand its smoothness and absorption

We all know the beneficial effect of the touch of hands on the skin, and massage represents the best way to treat yourself to well-being. 

We therefore learn to stop, relax and take advantage of the 360-degree cosmetic wellness experience, to obtain better results in terms of physical appearance after treatment and psychological results for the quality of time dedicated to ourselves.

And I recommend it! We must not rush! The cosmetic must be applied consistently and daily to give the expected results while respecting the physiology of the skin.

Our body lines have been designed paying close attention to multi-sensorial aspects in order to offer a 360-degree wellness experience.

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