Three treatment lines for your body skincare routine, specific for each skin type.

Each line constitutes a complete and effective body treatment, with professional results, consisting of 2 steps to be carried out in sequence: exfoliation and hydration.

1° STEP:

To meet every need, Giovi's body care formulas use three exfoliation methods: mechanical, enzymatic and chemical.

Based on your skin type, you can choose the most suitable type of exfoliation and include it in your Body Skincare Routine. Regular exfoliation of the skin allows the active ingredients contained in the creams to be absorbed more effectively.

2° STEP:

The second step is always hydration, which allows you to restore the correct hydrolipidic film of the skin, nourishing it thoroughly and maintaining its elasticity.

For the specific needs of each skin type, each one is adapted to the specific needs of each individual, for a guaranteed and long-lasting result.

Different consistencies, richer or fresher, rapidly absorbed and with a velvety and very fragrant result. A real treat for mind and body.

Here are the three lines for yours Body Skincare Routine


Very nourishing treatment recommended for very dry skin with Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It consists of a ScrubENZYMATIC BODY SCRUBwhich in addition to the mechanical action of the olive stones combines enzymes derived from the pineapple stem which help the exfoliation of the keratin layer in a gentle but effective way. Even for very rough and thick skin.

The body butterSOFT BODY BUTTERrich in addition to olive oil, cocoa butter and shea butter, nourishes the skin and makes it elastic, also protecting against the appearance of stretch marks. The skin will immediately appear more homogeneous and hydrated.


Treatment based on fruit acids and mint and lemon extracts to regenerate and stimulate the production of new epidermis.

TheEXFOLIATING BODY GELGel is based on glycolic and mandelic acid derived from almonds with alpha hydroxy acids from lemon and grapes. It gently exfoliates the skin, making it instantly bright and smooth.

The daily application of the REGENARATING BODY CREAM Emulsion, also based on glycolic acid, mint and lemon, stimulates the production of new collagen, keeping the skin toned and young . The alpha hydroxy acids of glycolic acid also have a hydrating action.


Detoxifying and antioxidant treatment to even out the body's skin tone and eliminate toxins that accumulate on the surface of the skin based on pomegranate extract and bamboo charcoal

The scrubPOMEGRANATE AND BAMBOO BODYU SCRUBis a gel containing black spheres of bamboo charcoal, which retain toxins and impurities, eliminating them from the skin after rinsing.

The body milkPOMEGRANATE HYDRATING BODY EMULSIONis a fresh hydrating, antioxidant and soothing emulsion, thanks to the effectiveness of the pomegranate extract and the oils and vegetable butters. It is easily absorbed, enveloping the skin with a citrus fragrance

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