Needless to say, cellulite is an ugly beast!!!

It certainly cannot be eliminated by applying only cosmetic products and those who feel the need to reshape their body must also take care of their lifestyle by combining targeted and daily body skin care with regular physical activity and a balanced diet.

Three products that help correct imperfections due to cellulite. The targeted action of the ingredients combined with physical exercise and a balanced diet will give you clear results, making your silhouette more harmonious and toned. 

Based on natural extracts and biotechnological active ingredients of plant origin, which increase the effectiveness of the natural active ingredients to improve their performance. 

They reshape your silhouette , improve skin firmness, tone the skin tissues making the skin smoother and more compact.

Three products for a synergistic action: 

• stimulate lipolysis 

• They promote the drainage of excess skin fluids

• They smooth and nourish the skin, making it smoother and softer

They stimulate the microcirculation 



Booster Cell is a shock aesthetic treatment against the blemishes of cellulite. Thanks to the association of alpha-hydroxy acids it prepares the skin to maximize

the effectiveness of a pool of active ingredients that stimulate the degradation of lipids in adipocytes. It comes in aqueous form and is easily absorbed

It is recommended in association with the Modeling Body Cream to complete its action.

Carnitine, in association with escin and caffeine, stimulate lipolysis and help eliminate liquids that stagnate in the tissues. Tea-Hydroiodide is a molecule capable of acting quickly and effectively on the adipocyte transcutaneously and not through stimulation of the thyroid. The butcher's broom extract, together with the ivy and birch extract, have a draining and vasoprotective action.


Modeling Body Cream is a light and easily absorbed emulsion, enhanced by latest generation biotechnological active ingredients with targeted action on adiposity, stimulation of local metabolism and microcirculation. An effective treatment to reshape the silhouette and improve skin firmness. For a shock treatment, first apply Booster Cell

  • Stimulates lipolysis
  • Improve circulation
  • Stimulates local metabolism

Spirulina algae in association with carnitine stimulates skin metabolism, phosphatidylcholine is a valid ally for treating localized fat deposits. The red vine extract together with the ivy and butcher's broom extract reduce vascular permeability, stimulating the microcirculation 


Osmotic Body Mud is a body mud with a smoothing action for a treatment aimed at drying the skin, eliminating impurities and detoxifying. The skin acquires tone and freshness, appearing regenerated and uniform. Ideal for combating cellulite blemishes.

Juniper essential oil has a draining action, counteracting orange peel skin. Spirulina algae stimulates skin elasticity and tone with an antioxidant action. Salt helps eliminate liquids through an osmotic action, improving microcirculation. 

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